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A collection of my letters, photos & books of Uncle E.B. White

I promised that I would never let him be forgotten!! For over 40 years, I have enjoyed sharing my precious E.B. White photographs, letters, autographed first edition books and other heirlooms. My presentation contains unique and interesting memorabilia for students, teachers, libraries and bookstores. Children and adults are always familiar with my Great Uncle E.B. White’s children’s books, however they are not always knowledgeable about the author.

My presentation is highlighted with the White family typewriter (c. 1900) and a 1911 Webster’s dictionary signed “Elwyn B. White” when he was eleven years old, signed 1st edition book “The Lady is Cold” published in 1929 and 17 other E.B. White books! My most cherished item is an autographed book of “Charlotte’s Web” presented to me in 1952. I truly cherish these items. I have hundreds of items to share!

As a non-profit 501c-3 organization, the E.B. White Memorabilia must be preserved, protected and permanent for the education of interested people in future generations.

Lindsay Morand

Grandniece of E.B. White